45 Symbols
Technological Growth

Technology has rapidly advanced since the start of the 21st century and is quickly minimizing the efforts of tasks both big and small. It has changed our world for better and for worse, allowing us to communicate across devices around the world, yet also invade privacy and promote negligence in manual labor. Science and engineering have already made great leads towards technology in transplants, machinery, and devices, but have also made big predictions for future hi-tech gear. Technological Growth illustrates the variety of scientific knowledge that we live with today and the direction it is heading in according to science and pop culture. Product description and purpose are translated into an arrangement of geometric and abstract shapes and lines, which invents 45 visual depictions and systems of present and future technological devices and services.



As part of the global project FORTY FIVE SYMBOLS, UH Graphic Design seniors visualized individual messages about transforming gender, shifting cities, and a changing world. 900 is a chronicle inscribed by 20 voices, each utilizing an ancient form of communication to narrate issues of diverse culture and contemporary society.