Valenti Communications Space Proposal

The valenti wall of communication space is an collaborative environmental design meant to speak of the goals, work ethic, and opportunities of study that the University of Houston’s School of Communication has to offer. Influenced by the current “play” logo of the school, and lenticular design, lines and triangles come together to create movement, provide direction, and bullet point to the majors offered at the Valenti school of communication. A lenticular wall with broken and designed type speak to the simple idea of all of the majors, that “words project, stories connect.” The triangles and use of lines carry on through the space to create a donor wall for the school as well as speak back on Valenti’s contribution to the school. The breathable and clean space allows for its colors and use of quotes and major’s to speak to inquiring students who encounter the space, while giving them a sense of the quality of the school and what it has to offer.